And the Winner Is…

Wow, how much fun was this!? I am so excited to announce the winners of this giveaway as I am so grateful for each and every one of you!! Also, since this was so successful, I decided that the second prize will be a 1/2 off session, scheduled anytime in 2012! So, without going on much further, here’s how it broke down by the numbers:

*70 different people entered into the giveaway

*there were a total of 95 entries, counting all referrals

*LSP gained an additional 96 fans during the giveaway!

And, the winners are…

1st Prize (FREE Full Session) goes to ~ Sabrina Payton!!!

2nd Prize (50% Off Full Session)  goes to ~ Lindsay Tague Badalamenti!!!

Congratulations and thank you SO much for entering!! Send me an email at to schedule your session!!

Here are the details on how I got the winners:

*I used to generate a random list of all of the entries, which assigned a number to each entry.

*I then used the same website to randomly select a number between 1 and 95 for both first prize and second prize.

*Here are screen shots of both prize selections:

So, LSP fans, I would say that this was a success!! And, as we keep growing, we’ll have to do even bigger and better giveaways!  Thank you all so much again!!


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