Spring Break is over and life went back to “normal” yesterday. Breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, pack lunch, drive to school, preschool drop-off, back home, preschool pick-up, lunch, back to school, time for dance… Well, you get it. “Normal” is crazy. Busy. Flying by! Add in all of the changes that have happened in our house in the past few months, and time has literally become a blur. So, this spring break, I made it a goal to slooooooow down and just breathe. There are times I get so carried away that once I stop and look, my kids can reach the cabinet with the cups all on their own. Or, turn on the faucet and wash their hands without a stool. And say things like, “I don’t want you to ca-wy me, Mommy! I want to walk!”

And when things like this happen, I feel an incredible urge to just freeze time and make it all stop. (Well, that comes after I get done crying and telling my husband we need to have another baby). Who are these big people, and what did they do with my babies? What was the exact morning they woke up as big kids? (Because, let’s be honest – they probably woke up in my bed, so where was I?!) I want to hold onto every single word uttered, look shared, hug given and keep them safe and little and with me forever. Just make all of this growing up stop. But, I have a hunch that time is just going to keep on passing us by… So, I decided to do what I do not nearly often enough. Take pictures of my kids. Not pictures of dance recitals or Halloween costumes or the first days of school. No fancy Christmas or Easter clothes or stockings and baskets filled with goodies.  No begging and pleading for them to put their arms around each other and all smile at me, pretty, pretty please? Just pictures of my kids being themselves right here, right now. My own little frozen piece of time.

Grace Porter - April 22, 2012 - 1:36 pm

Beautifully said! Such sweet pictures of the babies! :-)

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