As most of you know, my family recently built a new house and moved into it in August. Aside from the extreme hassle and pain of moving, and the fact that my walls are still empty and boxes still remain to be unpacked, everything with our new home is wonderful. The kids have their own rooms, we have an entire basement in which to hide their toys, daddy has a new big TV and mommy has her own studio. It’s perfect.

But, the best part of our new home is, without a doubt, our new neighbors. I used to dream of my kids riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk, running around with other neighborhood kids, and of having built in friendships with no need for scheduled playdates. Plus, all of the super fun kiddos in the neighborhood have the coolest parents ever! Weekend bonfires, holiday block parties, walks around the block that turn into impromptu get togethers – I sometimes think my family was dropped in this little corner of suburbia that was made just for us. We are all in heaven.

A few weeks ago, I got to spend an hour with the very first family we met in our new neighborhood, the¬†Thomas’s. As luck would have it, Jacqui and Trevor were moving into their new home the day my husband and I were out looking at houses, and after barging in on their move-in party and getting offered a beer, I knew we would fit right in. Fast forward 10 months and I am thrilled to not only call this family neighbors, but great friends as well. Plus, extra bonus for me – they’re gorgeous and naturals in front of the camera!! Check out the amazing Thomas family!

I can’t wait to take their pictures for years and years to come! Thank you so much Thomas clan :)


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